Ashihara International Karate.

Ashihara Karate is basically named after Hideyuki Ashihara, but during several decades the original style has been divided in several systems and organisations.

Ashihara International Karate is one of these "spun offs", based on the experience of Dave Jonkers Shihan (7th Dan) and Semmy Schilt Shihan (6th Dan), their masters and students.

Ashihara International Karate is one of many of the "full-contact" system in karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum.

Ashihara International Karate is presently known as one of the strongest form of karate, with a strong desire in evolution and open minded approach.

Dave Jonkers Shihan                                                                                                                                  Semmy Schilt Shihan

AIKO contact details:

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